Make space..


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Some times, we make physical space for things to occur.  We move things around to get a new piece of furniture.  We get rid of old clothes to buy new ones.  We shift things around to let someone else occupy physical space around us.  But what about the emotional space?

When do we start to empty ourselves, of ourselves to begin to make space for others?  How, if we are so full of and consumed with ourselves, do we make internal space for someone else? 

That, to me, is a deliberate effort that we must make, if we want to.  I feel like, in general, I’m fairly sensitive or in tune to the things and needs of others.  I also realize that many aren’t that way.  Many of us are self involved enough (including me some times), that the needs/emotions of others aren’t high on the consideration list.  This is assuming there’s some sort of friendship/relationship association.  I get it, doesn’t mean I agree, but I see it and understand it.

It’s a challenge to even want to consider opening up emotional space within ourselves (myself), for someone else to occupy.  For a long time, I didn’t.  So when I do, I guess I expect others to do the same, silly me right?!  And we (I) cannot or should not always believe that people don’t want to make that space, maybe they do, just in their own way, or they don’t know how. So then, you’ve got to navigate through what they are pushing aside to get to that space they are opening up.  Although it sometimes seems like a minefield to navigate through.  

Hopefully making it to that place they have reserved, just for you, is worth it.  I for one, want to believe it is! 

Chivalry, a good practice


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Opening my doors, pulling out my chair, walking on the right side of me, carrying the bags….

At first, I didn’t even remotely see the issue with just jumping in and out of the car, reaching for the door, or grabbing for my chair.  I had gotten SO accustomed to being single, to maybe not dealing with the most gentlemen-like of men, to not having this, that when I got it, it was an adjustment.  

It seemed so natural to do everything for myself, it felt almost awkward to stand at the door and await my sweet gentlemen to open it for me.  Truly, it made me blush.  It made me feel looked after.  Maybe it’s just customary to him and his expectation of himself, out of habit and not mutually related to his interaction with me, but frankly, so what!!  He did all of that just for me and that’s how I’m taking it. 

It made me realize, I deserve that, oh heck yeah I do!!  A gentleman, a considerate man, a mannerly man, and so much more.  Not only do I deserve it, but I really liked it and appreciated it.  I think I’d like to keep my gentleman ūüėä


The other month, my mom and I were visiting family out of state.  We were riding from one family members house to the other, trying to beat a storm.  We got out of one state, where we could tell the storm was headed, and rode alongside and then right into the storm on our way.

Have you ever in your life, been just going along, living, and you see a storm coming ahead?  Have you ever tried to outrun a storm headed in your direction?  If you have, then my picture above, might be relateable.

What you may or may not realize, you cannot stop the storm from coming!!!!  You cannot outrun the storm.  You can’t really hide from a storm, it’s going to happen anyway.  

So, when you’re riding along side the storm and it starts to pass over, just throw your hands up and dance in it!!  Sometimes, you have to take joy in knowing that eventually, if you keep going through, there’s another side. 

My take on a simple meal..


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Some of my favorite healthy meals are what I believe to be the simplest meals.  Not a ton of prep, cook time or ingredients.  Just fresh, simple things, put together.

Like these. ¬†These are tuna wraps, but instead of a tortilla or bread, I use lettuce, typically romaine. ¬†I get a Roma tomato, cut it up small, get an avocado, cut it up, layer that in the lettuce, a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lime and I’ve got a quick, delicious meal. ¬†It’s veggies, protein, healthy fats.

Now, sometimes, I will have this with some veggie and noodle soup.

I usually use a wheat or rice pasta, not white.  Boil that until just before ready, rinse in cold water, strain and set aside.  I take a cup of frozen mixed vegetables, two cups of water and a half a cup of broth, veggie or chicken broth, your choice.  Cook that until the veggies are done, add in your noodle, salt and pepper to taste.  That soup can make 2-3 servings and is good for lunch or dinner.  You can also add chicken to turkey meat to it for some protein if you like.

These meals, I sometimes have them together or separate.  If separate, I have the veggie soup with a salad.  I might have the tuna lettuce wraps with half a baked potatoe (or sweet potatoe if you like).  Still making them simple but delicious and healthy meals.

I’ve got some other great recipes coming, so stay tuned.

If you would like to learn more about some healthy meal options, visit my online store and see what’s cooking over there!

Let’s take this healthy journey together!!